Michael's Reward
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“Amazing - Bernheim is, quite simply, the best of the best.”

“Inspirational, compelling, and extremely well written. This author will change peoples lives. A rare find - a life changer. Read it twice.”

LA Book Club Review "Los Angeles Book Club"

“What a magnificent timely message…”

“A novel that masterfully brings the story of Job to the 21st Century with a literary twist that wreathes with the reality of physical affliction, fiscal collapse and soul pain which is compensated by hope and faithfulness. It is about the truth of the soul and deep spirituality that go beyond religious acts to a romance with God whose providence hides its frowning smiling face only to render an abounding reward at the end. Michael's Reward is again proof that God's eyes are upon the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayers.”

Dr. Jesse Miranda
President and Founder of the Miranda Center
Chief Executive Officer - NHCLC

“A spiritual stimulus package for anyone.”

“It's been several weeks since I read Michael's Reward. When I read it, I ate it up in one sitting and it has left me with a renewed inner spiritual life. My prayer life and friendship with God had atrophied a great deal. This well written story has brought that spiritual connection back to life. I knew about the traditional story of Job from the Bible and thought that I would know the story before I read it. WRONG! It's written in a way that makes the old story entirely new. This book has a radiance in it that gives the reader a taste, a brief glimpse of a higher reality. With me I was fortunate because this higher vibe has stayed with me. I loaned the book to a good friend of mine and I hope she gets it back soon because I want to read it again. If you need a spiritual bailout or spiritual stimulus package READ THIS BOOK.”

M. Dirkers, Montana

“Very inspiring book.”

“have read the book of Job many times over my life, understand the story well and how it applies to my faith as a Christian, but this book captures a modern day realism that will hit you right between the eyes. Marios ability to capture the passion and the faith of a conviction not seen is truly amazing, he is able to take a time honored story and make you feel everything Michael and his family and friends do from a present day perspective. The reading is engaging and I found myself not able to put it down until I was to the end... an entire afternoon well spent! I look forward to more works by Mr Mario Bernheim. I bought several copies of this book to hand out to family and friends.”

Christopher Masten