Michael's Reward

How to Get God's Attention When Your World Is Falling Apart

Historically, there is only a handful of men whose lives crossed the spiritual intersection of three major religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Michael’s Reward tells the story of a very rich and happy family man whose life is turned upside down when Satan gets God’s permission to wage a battle against him in an effort to show God that Michael’s love for Him is directly tied to all his riches. The ensuing catastrophes in Michael’s life reduce him to living by the freeway in a box. But through his perseverance in faith, he is blessed with a visit from the Almighty, and his life is turned around. This beat-for-beat modern retelling of the Old Testament story of Job takes the classic duel between God and Satan and reshapes it to the challenges and test of our faith today.

If Job were alive today, this would be his story.

What People Are Saying About Michael's Reward. . .

“Very inspiring book.”

“have read the book of Job many times over my life, understand the story well and how it applies to my faith as a Christian, but this book captures a modern day realism that will hit you right between the eyes. Marios ability to capture the passion and the faith of a conviction not seen is truly amazing, he is able to take a time honored story and make you feel everything Michael and his family and friends do from a present day perspective. The reading is engaging and I found myself not able to put it down until I was to the end... an entire afternoon well spent! I look forward to more works by Mr Mario Bernheim. I bought several copies of this book to hand out to family and friends.”

— Christopher Masten

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